Gimmick or better drinking through technology?

A few weeks ago, we were en route to the wedding of the Pink Lemonade Diva, the Irish social event of the year, and we decided that we needed to hop into our "way back machine" and act like we were in college again by doing a little pre-partying prior to the ceremony. Rather than swigging out of a bottle in the street, we decided that the more discreet option might be the Sofia Blanc de Blancs from Coppola Vineyards, which comes in cute little pink cans (and, obviously, I am a fan of pink).

Sure, we were not expecting anything fantastic, but it was nearly undrinkable (although it gets high marks for portability and little attached straw). That is why I am rather afraid of Iron Wine's new packaging - wine in a can. The Argentine winery is serving up a vinto tinto (malbec-cab blend) and a vino blanco (chenin blanc) in both 8.5 and 12 ounce cans. According to the Associated Press, Iron Wine claims that the cans of wine, which keep out light and air, are similar to the steel vats used to age many wines... hmmm... certainly a thought to ponder.... Of course, being a sucker for every marketing gimmick that comes along (hence the sparkling wine in a pink can incident), I will try it, if only for educational purposes...

Iron Wine


Thank God, everyone will finally stop talking about Sideways.

Sideways was amusing when it came out, I admit. Not the best movie ever, but an interesting nod to the California wine industry. and it has some great quotes. Even so, nearly three years later, people are still referencing it in relation to wine. It drives me crazy. Move on, people.

That is why I am so, so excited to read that documentary-maker Rudy McClain is
creating "Merlove," which will serve as an homage to Merlot, telling the "universal story of championing the underdog." Sounds like he has a bit of a complex about Merlot, but, perhaps it is warranted, as three years later, there remains a definite movement to promote Merlot to counteract the impact of Sideways within the general population. Programs like Swanson Vineyards' "Merlot Fights Back" - a traveling wine tasting tour (the site references a 2007 tour schedule, but no specific dates or venues are listed yet) and now "Merlove" will certainly help in doing that. It amazes me how the media was able to affect the wine industry in such a manner. Hopefully this documentary, coupled with the ongoing winery campaigns, will be a rebirth for the Merlot industry and the public will finally be able to quote something other than Sideways.

Personally, I think the subtitle for the movie should be "Merlove: Drink some f'ing Merlot."


Martha Stewart takes one more step toward world domination...

by launching a wine label, "Martha Stewart Vintage." The woman is like Hello Kitty - she is EVERYWHERE and on EVERYTHING. La Martha is partnering with Gallo Winery to produce: 2006 Sonoma County Chard, 2005 Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon and 2006 Sonoma County Merlot. It is a limited production of 15,000 cases with a $15.00 price point and it is scheduled to be released in January 2008 in six cities: Atlanta; Boston; Charlotte, NC (B!! Please send me some!!); Denver, Phoenix and Portland, OR.

Guaranteed to make any of your craft projects look good after you consume a bottle of it.


The path to hell is lined....

...with good intentions and all of the good intentions and happy vibes that I was trying to hold onto yesterday were accidentally sent out the window when The Boyfriend started an argument about something that was totally his fault (wink, wink) -- so, after a few minutes, I had enough and decided to take part in my favorite temper cool down exercise - shopping. Fall in the city is my favorite time of year -- everyone is back in the city from their summer vacation spots, the weekends are full of parties and you can get away with a little more flash than the weeknights during the summer.

I decided to go hunting for some fall party wear. I usually tend to avoid chain stores like French Connection, but then, this....

caught my eye as I passed by and I had to go in. I ended up with a similar, but even more fabulous, black sequin mini-dress with key-hole back that helped to channel my inner Zelda Fitzgerald meets Edie Sedgwick party vibes, which, instantly made me happier and I went home, cool, calm and collected. After all, I am the boss, Applesauce.

Photo: French Connection