Bon Vivant Training

I have great memories from my prior life, waiting on drunken Senators, (in)famous attorneys and other (more sober and classy) individuals such as Larry King and Letitia Baldrige. Now that I am dining out quite often, rather than waiting on people (or shall I say, the tables have been turned.... lol), I think back to some of the more interesting times... like the time I was waiting on a major real estate developer and his girlfriend, wherein she proceeded to vomit on the table after they downed no less than two and a half bottles of wine and champagne to celebrate their engagement. It always makes me smile. Awfully embarrassing moment at an extremely formal and stuffy restaurant, but it certainly brought some levity to the place.

That is why Frank Bruni's article in the New York Times today, "Fine Diner to Riffraff: Tipsy Tales of 4-Star Benders," brought a laugh. That memory, coupled with my extreme desire to emulate a Zelda Fitzgerald moment (the happy, drunken, dancing in the NYC fountain stuff, not the whole crazy, asylum, plagiarized, unhappy marriage stuff), found me plotting my fountain dance. Four Seasons, be warned. I am SO there. You have to read the article.

Illustration: CIIA

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