Napa Wine Review Part 2: Elyse

Elyse Winery - Not only is this family owned and managed winery a fabulous host in its tasting room, but Elyse has a phenomenal and broad-ranging selection of wines available on the tasting list.
My faves:

2005 L'Ingenue - (white) - very honeysuckle-y and fruity aroma and it has a rich fruit flavor with lots of peach and pear (pears as in the fab Harry and David kind, not your grocery Bartletts). The weight of the wine is definitely notable - it can definitely stand up to a substantial food pairing.

2006 La Peche - (white) - this is primarily marketed as a dessert wine, but it could be a fab wine for your cocktail afternoon, I mean...hour, during the summer, as it does not have that sickeningly sweet finish and heavy weight of most dessert wines. La Peche is suprisingly crisp and really refreshing. It has notes of peach (duh), light flowers and a teeny bit of honeysuckle.

2002 Jacob Franklin #60 Mon Chou - (red) - JF is Elyse's second label, named after the family's son. MC is a Bordeaux-style blend with a bright cherry flavor, along with cedar, a little spice and a bit of cassis. Drink one and cellar one for five years or so.

Photo: Elyse

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