Gimmick or better drinking through technology?

A few weeks ago, we were en route to the wedding of the Pink Lemonade Diva, the Irish social event of the year, and we decided that we needed to hop into our "way back machine" and act like we were in college again by doing a little pre-partying prior to the ceremony. Rather than swigging out of a bottle in the street, we decided that the more discreet option might be the Sofia Blanc de Blancs from Coppola Vineyards, which comes in cute little pink cans (and, obviously, I am a fan of pink).

Sure, we were not expecting anything fantastic, but it was nearly undrinkable (although it gets high marks for portability and little attached straw). That is why I am rather afraid of Iron Wine's new packaging - wine in a can. The Argentine winery is serving up a vinto tinto (malbec-cab blend) and a vino blanco (chenin blanc) in both 8.5 and 12 ounce cans. According to the Associated Press, Iron Wine claims that the cans of wine, which keep out light and air, are similar to the steel vats used to age many wines... hmmm... certainly a thought to ponder.... Of course, being a sucker for every marketing gimmick that comes along (hence the sparkling wine in a pink can incident), I will try it, if only for educational purposes...

Iron Wine


. . . said...

thank you for visiting my blog! especially because now i have come across yours and i love it!
i also love that 'the great gatsby' is one of your favorite books. it is by far one of the best i have ever read. =)

as for wine in a can . . . i'm not sure if we're ready for this yet. it's already exhausting having to justify screw-top wine bottles to my friends who think good wine can only be defined as 'older' and corked.
but i would surely be willing to try it.

So Bon Vivant said...

and thank you for stopping by here!! How fabulous is The Great Gatsby....??!! I also believe that it gets better as I get older (and more bon vivant?!)

I am definitely looking forward to reading more of your blog!!