Thank God, everyone will finally stop talking about Sideways.

Sideways was amusing when it came out, I admit. Not the best movie ever, but an interesting nod to the California wine industry. and it has some great quotes. Even so, nearly three years later, people are still referencing it in relation to wine. It drives me crazy. Move on, people.

That is why I am so, so excited to read that documentary-maker Rudy McClain is
creating "Merlove," which will serve as an homage to Merlot, telling the "universal story of championing the underdog." Sounds like he has a bit of a complex about Merlot, but, perhaps it is warranted, as three years later, there remains a definite movement to promote Merlot to counteract the impact of Sideways within the general population. Programs like Swanson Vineyards' "Merlot Fights Back" - a traveling wine tasting tour (the site references a 2007 tour schedule, but no specific dates or venues are listed yet) and now "Merlove" will certainly help in doing that. It amazes me how the media was able to affect the wine industry in such a manner. Hopefully this documentary, coupled with the ongoing winery campaigns, will be a rebirth for the Merlot industry and the public will finally be able to quote something other than Sideways.

Personally, I think the subtitle for the movie should be "Merlove: Drink some f'ing Merlot."


filmmaker said...

This is the Director of Merlove. Love your enthusiasm for the subject. Fun, fun stuff. I guess that's the point of all this. Enjoy great wine, champion the underdog, have some fun and see what happens!



AJ said...

Wow, thanks for stopping by!! Cannot wait to check out the documentary, best of luck with it!

farley said...

That's cool that the director stopped by!

And I agree....I liked the movie, but enough already. Make your own decisions, people.